Sunday, January 27, 2008

last stop on the milk train

with bug's decreased appetite during her illnesses, she has started the weaning process. and by going 12 hours without nursing on saturday, she has officially passed the point of no return.

this is a bittersweet time. i'm sad that i didn't make it to the end of the year, like i did with pooka, but bug got exclusivity longer than pooka did-- and pooka didn't bite as much.

pumping was really starting to be a drag, though, and i eagerly look forward to sleeping through the night. (i'm sure it'll happen sometime, but it didn't this weekend. she cried every 15 minutes from 1-3 am this morning. poor mom kid.)

and the biggest reason: i get to eat tuna sandwiches again! kisu would not let me eat them while pregnant or nursing because he didn't want the babies to risk mercury poisoning. now that i'll be the sole owner of my body again, i can eat what I want. tuna and cottage cheese for lunch every. day. the pounds will fall off like water from a hippo emerging from the river. (yes, that's exactly the image i want for my re-shaping.)