Monday, January 7, 2008

today we thrive

work is launching their fitness incentive program today. there are three phases, and you can participate in any or all, with a team. i have two separate teams, participating in the Walk More and the Lose Weight phases. i'm passing on the Take the Stairs option. i have too much crap to carry everyday to haul my butt up 8 flights in the morning.

the programs last for 8 weeks, and they are offering small prizes for the winners of each 2 week segment. that's cool, but i'm not about the prizes. (although i wouldn't turn down the grand prize of the ip*d+nik* shoes.) i'm all about the "it's time to lose the baby weight and get back to my pre-pregnancy hotness." this is just a convenient launching point, combined with some friendly motivation and support.

check in is this morning and then we're off to the races. i plan on double-dipping my walking/weight loss by using the treadmill. but first, i have to renew my gym membership. and to do that i need to find my membership card. so today is a soft launch. i have started counting calories this morning, though. in the meantime, i'll be taking the scenic routes through the building today.