Thursday, January 31, 2008

humiliation now comes in two colors!

i left the house this morning wearing non-matching shoes.

dropping off the girls, i spent 15 minutes at the baby house chatting, and another 15 at the k-house. no one mentioned my shoes. it would have been ok. i was still close to home, i could have stopped by and changed. i would have been even later for work, but whatever.

when did i finally notice this situation?

the moment i stepped out of the truck in the work parking lot. 40 minutes from home. i laughed out loud--what else was i gonna do?

and then, because i was aware of it, i realized that although these shoes may have similar shades and similar buckles, at least enough to get me by unnoticed (they certainly look alike in the darkness under my bed!), they do not, in fact, have the same height heels.

i will be limping along like quasimodo all day. and that will certainly not escape attention.