Tuesday, January 15, 2008

legalized crack

timmy's donuts get rave reviews, especially being this close to the great white north. people act like they're truly addicted. i personally don't get the attraction.

kisu first introduced me to them on one of our trips through canada to visit mom, touting them as the world's best. i was unimpressed.

i like donuts, don't get me wrong. but as long as they don't give me heartburn, one brand is much like any other. with the exception of that double k brand, i won't go out of my way to show preference.

anyway, since timmy's has invaded the us of a, i actually don't like to eat them at all. i think the quality has gone down. (always fresh, my patoot. they're hauled over the border in trucks full of frozen balls of dough.)

but the real reason i will not put another bite of his product in my mouth from this point forward is: they make my tongue numb. seriously.

last week dad brought some over. as a former cop, he is a self-admitted connoisseur of the fried puffs of dough. he claims that timmy's is the best brand going. he will plan errands and other trips around timmy's locations. (and cracker barrels, but that's another story.) halfway through my treat, i realized that my tongue was going numb. i finished eating it and felt the effects for almost an hour afterwards.

i was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and say that perhaps it was that particular flavor. the next day i tried a completely different flavor, but again lost sensation in my mouth.

i wonder if i just have a negative reaction to whatever addictive substance they use that has everyone else hooked for life? it wouldn't be the first time that my body had a reaction opposite to the expected for a given chemical.

maybe the antidote is in the coffee.