Monday, March 3, 2008

mixed-up everyday

pooka has her own sense of fashion.

normally, it's pretty cool, even though lately all she wants to wear are sweatpants.

she's lived in sweats for the past two years because they were the only thing that consistently fit during the ups and downs of steroids and the dressing requirements of clinic visits.

i'd be ready to ditch the sweats. i guess she's just gotten used to them. or maybe we still haven't found jeans with the right cut for a long-torso/short-leg girl.

anyway, this week school is celebrating dr. suess's birthday and today is mixed-up monday. the kids were supposed to wear crazy clothes. pooka dressed herself this morning (as she usually does) and did mix things up, although she staunchly refused to mis-match her socks.

when we got to school, we could see that the kids really had some fun. odd shoes and socks, out of season accessories. one girl looked at pooka and asked why she wasn't mixed-up. pooka got offended at that. internally, i chuckled, because she was mad that her friends dared to question her; i would have been mad that they thought my outfit was no zanier than usual.