Tuesday, March 11, 2008

school stinks

pooka's schoolyard backs onto a park system with quite a bit of wildlife. in fact, there is a known pack of coyotes living in those woods.

the yard is fenced in, so there's never a concern for dangerous encounters with the animals, but the field right next to the school has a resident family of skunks. and you can't fence out the stench of skunk spray.

over the years that pooka has been attending this school, there have been occasional blasts from the skunks. over the last 2 months, however, there has been some serious stinkage going on. i don't think there's been a single week with clear air.

we haven't heard any stories of human/skunk interaction, but there is obviously something agitating those creatures, and i certainly hope it gets resolved by the summertime.

if the fetor is this strong when our olfactory glands are only half functional due to the cold temperature, imagine how intolerable it will be when our noses are in good working order.