Thursday, March 20, 2008

food hoops madness

my company so rocks.

they are hosting a bracket challenge for the basketball tournament. not only that, they are providing food AND showing the games in the conference rooms this afternoon. not just any food: subs, wings, and nachos.

i made out my bracket based on whimsy--except i picked michigan state to win it all, since michigan's not playing--i have no idea what i'm doing. (shhhh, don't tell anyone: i don't even care about college basketball.)

this is a company-wide event. did i mention there was beer? no work is getting done today. or, really creative work is getting done today.

i gorged myself like an idiot. so much for thrive. (this company sends some seriously mixed signals, though, doesn't it?)

no, it's ok. one cheat day is actually advisable. it prevents the body from thinking that it's starving. all i have to do is not stuff myself on Easter (oh man, homemade pierogies, kielbasa, boiled eggs!)

i can do this. i have been seeing a steady, albeit slow, change in my weight and in my contours. i'm quite pleased, actually, with my progress. i should be in great shape for my trip.

i'm gonna go watch some hoops. the office is closed tomorrow, so today definitely has a friday atmosphere. i love my job!