Friday, March 14, 2008

a worthy cause

turning on the radio this morning, i heard that 89x is broadcasting an all-day telethon from the home of the pistons to benefit make-a-wish.

this has not been done before: the pistons have dedicated their entire day AND the broadcast of tonight's game to this cause. the advertisers have forfeited their ads, while still paying for the time, so that commercial breaks can instead deliver stories of hope and successful wishes.

in addition to the make-a-wish ceo, they also had a spokesperson on the radio. this girl got her wish at 5 and is now 22. she stated that she is 18 years in remission. so impactful was her granted wish that she has vowed to give back and help others receive their wishes. i immediately pictured pooka. what will she be like at 22? will she remember the trauma she endured? how will her experience shape her life? (we are still waiting for her wish to be granted. i suppose the older she is when she experiences it, the stronger the impact it will have on her.)

nothing like starting the workday crying.

i am at least a casual fan of all the local teams, although i don't really watch baseball or basketball games. you can bet your booty i'll be watching that pistons broadcast tonight.

if you're in michigan, please consider donating to the pistons telethon. every dollar helps a kid. if you're not in michigan, consider donating to your local chapter of make-a-wish. somewhere, a sick kid is waiting for his one truly happy day.