Tuesday, July 10, 2007

superpooka and her sidekick stinkbug

we were sitting at dinner discussing an upcoming event. pooka asked a question about logistics that i hadn't thought about. when i said that i didn't know and i would have to think of something, she said, "i have an idea!"

after explaining her idea, she punched a fist into the air and shouted, "superpooka to the rescue!"

and then she farted.

and said,"that's my super power."

and then bug giggled.

and then bug farted.

you'd think i had a house of full of yucky boys instead of sweet little princesses.

i don't know what it is with this otherwise adorable infant. she doesn't have much trouble with her digestive system, but man is she GASEOUS! and not cute little baby puffs, either. these are rip-roaring NOXIOUS blasts. where does a baby hide a midget nuclear reactor?