Sunday, July 1, 2007

family pictures

today we went to get bug's 3 month portraits taken as well as an updated family photo. pooka was reluctant to go at all, but was cooperating until we actually arrived at the studio. then she became very surly. she would not smile for the world and even tried to bury her face. i guess i should have tried to do bug's pix first to loosen pooka up. oh well. we finally got her to participate when i asked her to hold bug's hand down away from her face; the baby had really woken up by this time and was trying to chew on her hands. we eventually managed to snap a keeper. then we moved on to trying to get the girls together and then bug by herself. by the end of the session i was ready to go take a nap. geez.

we pick them up on 7/18, just in time for the picnic!