Saturday, July 21, 2007

family reunion

today was nice. it was a little wierd being there without kisu and dad and tina. uncle phil, phil and colleen and kids were there, so half our clan sub-unit was represented. the new location was very nice. the lunch was poorly planned, though. they didn't get enough food. the new games were pretty popular for the kids. pooka was bummed that she didn't win any tickets at those games. but she made up for it during the chinese auction. she won 2 prizes.

the turnout was kinda light, i think partially due to the new location. there's only a handful of people that i usually recognize/talk to anyway. i wish i could get the website up and draw some more attention/contributions. i floated the idea of the picnic fund paying for a relaunch and it was well received.

pooka had a good time, playing most of the day with abby or drew, jake, and rachel. at one point, though, i found her doing logrolls down the hill by herself. alkthough she looked happy, it made me kind of sad. i don't want her to be a lonely kid, especially considering the enforced isolation of the last 18 months.

pooka stepped on a bee, AGAIN! she did that 2 years ago. you'd think she'd learn to keep her sneakers on when walking through the grass. the funny thing is, she did it on her way back to the shelter but didn't get hysterical until after i noticed her sitting on a bench moping and asked what was wrong. then she burst into tears as if it had just happened instead of 10 minutes earlier.fortunately, someone was more prepared than i and supplied antibacterial wash, benadryl cream and a band-aid. this incident prompted someone to suggest buying a dedicated picnic first aid kit.

good to know my kid's boo-boo could result in something positive.