Sunday, July 22, 2007

crabby day

i went with uncle phil to see nana today. the facility had arranged a birthday meal for her and i was standing in for dad. it was about as i feared it would be. she didn't recognize me at all. she was very agitated and wanted to get back to 'work'. at first she demanded to eat, claiming that they wouldn't let her have lunch (which they wouldn't, as they had a special meal planned), then when lunch came, she refused it, saying that she had already eaten. she ended up having only a cup of tea and two pieces of birthday cake.

i can't believe how patient uncle phil was. i would not have the patience to keep visiting, and he says he sees her once a week. it's so frustrating seeing her in this state, and being powerless to help her break through. her general health is fair, and it's depressing to think of how long she'll have to endure this way.

sometimes, uncle phil and i had sidebars at a volume we knew she couldn't hear about some of the things she said. it was either laugh or cry. but some things were truly funny, like when she did the math to confirm her age and came up with 1083. she knew that wasn't right and laughed at her own mistake.

after that episode of delight, i bought some flowers and went to visit grandma's grave. that wound is not fresh, but it still hurts.

i was also dreading leaving mom's and driving home. this all combined to make me very crabby. pooka mirrored that feeling, and so did bug. when we finally hit the road, i knew we were going to be very late getting home so i wanted to get it over with as quickly as possible. i got lit up by OPP. guess what--they don't give you a pass for being a yank.

sucks! i got a ticket, and they charge an arm and a leg. that really capped off my day. ugh, is it monday yet?