Wednesday, July 25, 2007

don't ask, don't tell

i have been trying to do some research about my ticket.

i cannot find a phone number for the court in ontario to ask about the extra $50 added onto the fine.

i did find, however, an organization that will fight tickets in court for you. i spoke with jo there, and she gave me some useful information. primarily that blenheim will actually allow you to take 20-25 days to pay, despite the 15 day limit stated on the ticket.

jo also told me to find out what would happen to my insurance with a conviction, because that will determine whether or not it's worth paying the fee to fight the ticket. fighting won't necessarily get me out of the speeding fine, but it might reduce the licensing points, and possibly the insurance penalty. i don't know if my license will be affected at all by an ontario ticket. do the agencies communicate these things on a regular basis?

i spoke with my insurance agent and she said that they don't check the driving record regularly, so there's a chance i may not ever get hit with an increased premium. that would be ideal, obviously. at the very least i should be alright for the next 6 months, since my renewal hits in the next month and i can delay paying the ticket until then. if they don't find out about the ticket for 2 years, i can escape any premium hits for it. she said as long as we don't make any changes to the policy or have an accident (or a michigan ticket) they have no reason to check the driving record.

here's to my insurance company's ignorance!

in the meantime, for the next two years, i will be wondering and worrying over this secret.