Tuesday, July 24, 2007

happy birthday coty

today is my nephew's birthday. he is 18. i can't believe that my sister is almost "done" with her parenting and i'm not even done having babies.

i remember when he was born. my poor sister had no idea what she was in for. she was screaming on the bed, husband by her side.

i sat in the corner, reading one of the Incarnations of Immortality. hmm, i wonder if it was the one about gaea...

he wasn't a bad looking baby, i thought at the time, pointy head notwithstanding.

he turned into an adorable infant with bright blue eyes and a wealth of charm. as he aged, he also developed a strong sense of compassion and responsibility while caring for his younger sisters. today he is a strapping young man on the verge of making his own way in life. a military tour awaits him, as does a serious girlfriend.

i hope he finds a path that is truly his and is proud of the life he makes.

God bless you, Coty.