Saturday, July 14, 2007

the lake house

we went to a cottage on a lake today. it didn't look like it was a good
day for it, but it ended up being really nice. overcast and quite
windy, but warm.

pooka finally got a chance to appease her obsession with fishing. i don't know where she got it from, but she has been talking about it for more than a year. marianne had a toddler size fishing pole and pooka was thrilled. she didn't even flinch at kevin baiting the hook. i didn't think she would have the patience for the endeavor, but apparently they have really stupid or really hungry fish at this lake. within 10 minutes she caught a rock bass as big as her hand. i was jealous. the few times i've been fishing before were all unsuccessful.

later in the day i baited up, using the adult pole, and after about 15 minutes i caught something. i sent kisu for the camera but by the time he got close to the dock, the fish flipped itself off the hook. i was so angry. pooka and kari were witnesses, though. i still had my bait, so i put the line back in and within minutes, i hooked another one. kisu got this one on film (card? ). it was about he same size as pooka's fish. we were releasing the fish back into the water, but i didn't think this one was gonna make it: the hook went in through the gills and out right next to its eyeball.kisu was magic, though, and the fishie lived to bite another hook.

by this time, kari and kisu were getting upset that they hadn't caught anything. kisu finally landed one; the biggest one of the day. kari spent the most time at it, and she tallied 4 for the whole day.

kari and i went for a tube ride , and pooka was going to take the next turn with me, but the boat died. we ended up coasting across the water behind the noxious smoke and fumes of the dead engine. oh, well.pooka was relieved.

we were all exhausted when we returned to magee's house. nothing like a little sun and fresh air to tire you out.