Saturday, July 28, 2007

misheard lyrics & hibachi

pooka loves to sing, and she has an amazing ability to remember tunes and lyrics nearly perfectly after only one listen. of course, sometimes her hearing and understanding of the lyrics is not 100% accurate. sometimes, she still doesn't get the words after hundreds of hearings.

this weekend she was singing "frere jacques". instead of "sonnent les matinees", her version says, "sunny little tina".


saturday we went to a japanese restaurant in toledo. pooka was upset because she didn't think there would be anything for her to eat there. she heard kisu talking about sushi and she knows she won't eat that.

turns out, they cook chicken and steak, too, so i knew she'd be fine. i thought she would be excited to see the chef working on the hibachi at the table. i have never sat at a hibachi like that and i though it was quite amusing , especially when he threw the shrimp in the air to us like trained seals at the zoo. (i caught mine.) pooka was interested, but she refused to let me see it. even though the chef was trying hard to entertain her, she refused also to let him make her laugh.

she said , "no matter what he does, i'm not going to laugh."

when i asked her why, she said, "it's still daytime."

"you don't laugh during the day?"

"not today, it's saturday."