Thursday, August 28, 2008

picnic weekend

I was very much looking forward to the picnic and seeing my family again. unfortunately, most of the weekend was spoiled with tension and animosity. the good news is my marriage is intact. the rest is not so good.

anyway, the kids did have fun at the picnic, and i enjoyed seeing my cousins. especially phil with his 3 carbon-copy kids and the other one, who is also adorable.

i also got a chance to see nana, who is steadily declining. dad insisted on bringing her for dinner, even though we (his immediate family) felt that it would be more stressful than enjoyable for her. she doesn't know who the people are, where she is, or why. she's constantly concerned with getting back before she gets in trouble or getting to work. the older aunts wanted to see her, though, and so he brought her.

at least we got a pretty nice group shot, as we all pretended not to be mad at each other for the 10 minutes it took jason to get (most of) us looking the same direction without the sun blinding us.