Friday, August 22, 2008


bug had a blast swimming at uncle kevin's house. i knew she would love the pool because she loves the bath so much, but i didn't know how she would tolerate going under water. to this day, pooka is still very afraid of going under, even though she knows she can practically stand up straight and keep her nose clear of the water.

in my infinite wisdom (HA!) i didn't buy swim diapers because i didn't think we would have the opportunity to use an entire package's worth by the end of the summer. although she is not growing that fast, i'm pretty sure they wouldn't fit by next summer. so we just used the regular diapers. have you ever seen a regular diaper so full of liquid it's liable to burst? know what? if it's at that point and you try to wring the water out of it, it will burst! and you will have slimy gel stuff all over you, the baby, and the deck, which will require much rinsing so that the brainless dogs don't eat it and end up with some kind of fatal bowel obstruction.

but in the meantime, it looks incredibly funny. she looked like the bug she's called. the poofy diaper made her look like a cartoon ant walking on its rear legs.