Sunday, August 17, 2008

camp quality pick-up

ahhh, i've waited too long to write this and now i've forgotten what happened. (see description of blog.)

kisu was very anxious and impatient. he didn't like the fact that they wouldn't let us see the kids right off the bat, but made us wait while they paraded them in for a slideshow that recapped the week.

i was just excited to see her and to hear about the exciting things she did at camp. i wished that she would have as good a time at camp as i did when i was young. i anticipated that she would have grown a bit. a few days without being coddled by mommy and daddy, of not having a kitchen cater to her, of having the opportunity to try some new and exciting activities. i hoped there would be less whining and more self-direction.

perhaps that was too much to expect after one short week.

she did get some new experiences and new friends. we also established a new relationship with the camp quality people which looks like it's going to provide us with many rewarding adventures in the future. pooka's companion, jane, really took to pooka and has expressed a desire to stay in touch. she obviously doesn't know me and my utter disregard for returning correspondence. she would like to be pooka's companion again next year if pooka decides to attend again (we'll probably force her to, again.) maybe before then we can convince her that kisu's name is not steve.

the one activity we heard the most about was making human sundaes. a few of the companions (oddly enough, the young ones. the older ones wouldn't deign to get gooey.) volunteered to have sundae toppings poured over the heads and bodies. there was chocolate, strawberry, and i think some whipped cream. ewwww. fortunately, organizers had the foresight to plan this event on the beach so that the desserts could simply wade into the water to wash up after the humiliation.

with much time to observe any character development spurred by her stay at camp, i think i can safely say uh, it didn't. but she had fun and that was the most important thing. that and the fact that she didn't pitch a complete hissy fit because she was homesick. can't wait til next year.