Thursday, August 21, 2008

what's on the menu?

pooka has the first grade pack of brain quest cards and periodically we go through a few. tonight we couldn't find them and so kisu and i had to improvise our own.

it's harder than it sounds. what specifically is a first grader expected to know? the math ones are easy to come up with, but the 'folk' knowledge category and the grammar ones are more difficult.

kisu came up with a good one, though. "which animal is a carnivore? giraffe, horse, lion, cow." pooka claimed not to know what a carnivore is, although we have discussed it before. so we backed up and asked what each of the choices eats. cow: grass; giraffe: leaves; horses: apples; lions: people.

wait, what?

well, regardless, that still makes it a carnivore.