Wednesday, August 13, 2008

organic girl

this is no longer embedded in my daughter's chest. she is 100% organic materials again, well, excusing the junk she consumes from mickey d's.

the surgery was today and, despite kisu's unfounded sense of dread, it went very well.
as per usual, pooka whined incessantly about being hungry. man, i'm glad we don't have any more days of npo.

we had to go to the clinic before surgery and we played some games on the wall-mounted monitors. we also broke out our new dice game. the 'go anywhere' game has gone everywhere with us and had yet to be played. although it's not terribly exciting, expecially with only three players, it does make a very good diversion and travels very well, obviously. pooka then made up her own game, the money game. depending on the roll of the dice we would earn chips which we could then use to buy items from her. she didn't have anything to sell, so ransacked kisu's backpack and tried to sell him his own bottle of pop. i said that i would like to use my chips to buy minutes of no whining, but pooka wasn't selling any of those.

we finally got to pre-op, where pooka spent the time watching a movie on the laptop. when they wheeled her off to surgery, kisu and i headed for the family waiting room whereupon i promptly searched for some food. kisu has a sweet, although somewhat misguided, tendency to not eat when pooka is not allowed to eat. i, on the other hand, cannot survive that, besides which one of the parents needs to be able to function properly and not be on edge from hunger. when i returned from the food run, kisu was ensconced in the corner playing on the laptop. (thank you children's hospital for the free wi-fi!) i read and, predictably, took a nap, waking just in time for the notice that pooka was in recovery.

we arrived just as she did and were relieved to see that she was our beloved pooka: demanding food.

the surgeon gave us the port, for what purpose i have no idea. elena suggested using it for a bookmark, but um, eww. i don't think the library would particularly appreciate that. i don't think the surgeon sanitized the thing.

in a few days, we'll find out the results of the immunoglobulin tests which will tell us two things: one, we can discontinue the bactrim and two, she can start catching up on her immunizations, which will make her school happy.

we made it! wahoo!