Thursday, September 4, 2008

another brilliant plan

ok, i know my last idea didn't work so well, but i think the problem was one of scale. i wasn't thinking big enough.

my new proposition, which deals somewhat with the same subject is grander and also aims to solve 3 of America's greatest problems right now: unemployment, rampant obesity, and foreign oil dependence.

follow me for a moment.

we construct acres of energy machines (aka treadmills, steppers, or whatever the most efficient format is) and create a 24/7 operation with shifts of workers/exercisers. this energy is funneled into whatever operation is nearby and needs power.

admittedly, i'm a little sketchy on the details, but can't you just see this?
millions of unemployed people will have jobs!
millions of overweight people will get healthy!
millions (?) of barrels of oil will go ...somewhere besides the U.S.!

i'm sure jonathan swift appreciates my idea. but seriously, how else can we fulfill b.o.'s plan to end foreign oil dependence without drilling for more of our own or building some new alternative sources (i.e. nuclear plants)?