Monday, June 9, 2008

quality time

kisu got a new job, which he started today. we are very excited because it has the regular schedule of monday through friday 8 am - 5 pm. there are other reasons to be excited, as well, but that is a major one.

the new job is not far from my job, so i am hopeful that we will be able to drive together, at least a couple days per week. that will save us money on gas (about $8 per day), wear on his car (45 miles per day), worry about his safety while driving that car, and most importantly give us guaranteed time to talk to each other, as adults (while sitting in construction traffic).

he was concerned that his schedule would not be as cut and dried as mine is (99.99% of the time, i'm out the door at 5pm if not sooner). this could cause issues for picking up the girls on time. i'm not interested in paying late fees on top of the worthwhile, albeit hefty price we pay for their daycare.

after his first day, he thinks that this won't be a problem. the pace at the new job is much more relaxed than his previous position. this alone makes me happy for him. he spent so much energy and accumulated so much stress at the last place trying to do everything as fast as possible (although he was the only) that he had no energy left for anything outside of work. self-care, child-care, housework: no way. maybe now he'll be able to find a balance and get the other aspects of his life shaped up the way he would like. (as i have been attempting to do.)