Sunday, June 29, 2008


bug is fearless. she will tackle any challenge, anytime. she mastered the stairs in one afternoon, all 12 steps. then she moved on to scaling the ledge that borders the bottom half of those stairs.

she loves to climb chairs, even if they rock.
she scurries atop the picnic table in about 1.25 seconds.
she climbed pooka's big girl bike and balanced on it for several minutes, although much of that time was spent straddling the center bar (youch! thank goodness for the padded comfort of diapers). she even was dangling off the handlebars at one point.pooka usually keeps her door closed to prevent a bug invasion, primarily to protect her toys and other posessions, but here is why i want bug kept out of pooka's room:she did this all by herself and waaaay faster than i would have thought possible.

this kid is scary, and getting more frightening by the day.