Saturday, June 28, 2008

tall bed


the cavity underneath is a cave, a fort, a spaceship. kids have to swing into it by handing from the bed frame, adults must press their palm to the column like a biometric security panel.
pooka loves her new bed and it, and it's extra storage, has encouraged her to keep her room a little tidier.

when i was little we didn't have anything like this, unless it was an actual set of bunk beds (which we didn't personally experience until i was in 6th grade). this is much more similar to the sleeping arrangements i saw at college, and that makes me a little nervous. she's so grown up already, i don't need visions of post-secondary education being so clear so soon.

she enjoys working at her desk and will do projects and now homework willingly, but if she asks for a mini-fridge we're going back to a baby bed.