Saturday, June 21, 2008

night at the drive-out

pooka had a friend stay for a sleepover tonight. i've been trying to get it scheduled for quite a while, since i owe olivia's mom for 2 nights that pooka stayed at her house.

it was going to be brilliant. we were going to finally experience the drive-in theater that opened in our area about 5 years ago. i'm not sure why we hadn't tried it before this point. it is a pretty good deal. $9 for an adult, but you get 2 movies.

tonight we were going to see kung fu panda and iron man. 3 weeks ago i promised pooka we'd take her, and then i realized that it hadn't opened yet. once it did open, we didn't have a chance to take her, so this was a golden opportunity. plus, i haven't seen iron man, although kisu has (and wouldn't mind seeing it again). perfect. the kiddie movie first and then the kiddies fall asleep so the adults can watch the older movie. not so old that they couldn't watch it if they managed to stay awake (yeah, right, i had my doubts about whether i would still be awake.)

at 830, wearing pajamas and slippers and carrying their blankies and stuffed animals, we loaded the 3 girls into the truck. in back i had packed a bag full of munchies: chocolate covered raisins, fish crackers, grapes, drinks, and pooka's jellybeans specially selected for this event.

off we went, ready to relive a night from my childhood. this was to be kisu's first time ever at a drive-in, so that was exciting, too.

when we pulled in, however, excitement came to a crashing halt. the marquis claimed that the lineup had changed. we pulled around to receive our 'rules and regulations' sheet and confirmed that the sign was right. we promptly pulled right out again.

it wasn't that the movies had completely changed. i think that would have been less frustrating. they had switched them around. kung fu panda was still showing, but now as the follow up to love guru. that's right, a pg-13 film first and then they showed the pg film. makes absolute sense, no? i was incensed. not only for me, but for pooka: her disappointment, coupled with her frustration, which equalled mine, and the wasted gas (20 mile round trip!); the only solution was to go for ice cream. so we did--bedtime be damned.