Wednesday, June 11, 2008

i got muss-kles

it's important to include weight-training in your fitness regimen for several reasons.

first of all, building lean muscle helps increase your metabolic rate and burns more calories on a daily basis.

secondly, it can put some nice curves on your body (if your bodyfat level is low enough to reveal them).

thirdly, it will provide you with the strength of ten men to push stalled vehicles to the gas pump.

this morning as i was filling my tank ($54!), a woman driving a green gmc jimmy inched her way into the station. flashers blinking, she stalled out about 15 feet from the pump. predictably, she got out and asked if i could push her the last little bit. i stopped pumping and walked over.

when she realized i meant to get my hands dirty, she said, "oh, i didn't mean physically, i meant with your car."

i looked back at my precious, 3-year-old, 99% intact zed. i looked down at my office casual clothing. i shook my head and said, "nah, i'll do it this way."

she put the truck in neutral and i started pushing. it took a little rocking, but between us we got it moving. there was a small incline just before the pump platform area that gave us some trouble, but just at that moment a man pulled up, jumped out and helped with the other side of the back end where i was.

as he walked away, he said apologetically, "all these guys standing around watching you."

pshht, men, who needs 'em? we had it under control.

i felt so adrenalized, even though i almost pushed myself out of my shoes.

i wonder how many calories you burn pushing a 2,000 pound vehicle?