Friday, June 20, 2008

where'd you go?

i haven't had much time to post lately. most of my free time has been spent watching tutorials for some new software. i need to learn this new software to bring the family tree website into the 21st century. i'm way stoked to get my hands on this stuff and do some cool things with the site. now all i have to do is wait until noel makes it accessible.

pooka's recital last week was a hit. i didn't realize what a huge production it was going to be. 3 acts, 2 hours, and hundreds of dancers. yikes. i'd like to post some pictures, but they wouldn't let us use a camera. we'll have to buy the dvd from the school now.

there were some really good numbers, including the finale, which was a pretty good take on the zombie routine "rama lama bang bang" from season 2 of so you think you can dance. one of the other numbers used the song "night of the dancing flame," which was the music for my all-time favorite sytycd routine, so of course after we got home kisu and i jumped on youtube and rewatched a bunch of clips from sytycd.

don't ask me how pooka did, because i didn't see her number. bug was rapt for the first 6 routines of the act, but by the time we got to pooka (#9? of 13?), she was starting to get restless. i spent the rest of the act wrestling with her and trying to keep her from pulling the hair of the woman in front of us. during intermission we strapped bug into her infant carrier, but she didn't calm down (i.e. fall asleep) until the third act. so the little glimpses i got of pooka showed her looking around confused as to her next move. i'm disappointed that comprised the entirety of my perception. i'm sure if i had seen the whole thing she would have shown me that she really did know what she was doing. right?

all of pooka's grandparents, including bubbie and zaydie, made it to the show, so they came back to our house for the 'afterglow'. we sat down with some coffee and cake. i also showed off my skydiving video. (my mother refused to watch it for some reason....) pooka was wired for awhile, but once she went to bed, she crashed HARD.