Wednesday, May 14, 2008

walk for wishes recap

the walk was pie. it sure didn't feel like 2 miles, and it went by really fast. i started out behind a partial throng and ended up, by my reckoning, the 4th person to finish. it seems a lot of people were actually looking at the animals. since pooka ended up staying home and bug fell asleep 10 minutes in, i figured i would just motor. that way i could get home, take a nap and a shower before keving and marianne showed up.

that plan worked out, except i decided to stay and see what the announcements were, and then i got introduced to the sister of one of pooka's wish volunteers. the sister works at the same company i do. we got around to talking about the 5K coming up, and ended up agreeing to run together.

the announcements revealed the top fund-raisers in each category of individual, team, wish family, school, and business. i was near the top for individuals, but not even close to the total. i managed to pull in $844, but the top person raised over $4000. wow. she was part of the top wish family, too. they were walking in memory of their daughter who died at the way too young age of 9. yes, i teared up. i don't think i was the only one, either.

in total, the event raised $225,000. it's amazing what people can do when they open their hearts. for raising more than $750, i even got my name on the back of the shirt. since they sorted alpha by last name, i'm the first listed. now i'm immortalized.