Saturday, May 31, 2008

mucho meat

for kisu's birthday, we went to a new restaurant called gaucho brazilian steakhouse. it's an interesting concept. flat pricing for all you can eat meat.

men in traditional costume were walking around with giant skewers of roasted meat and giant knives in their hands. you communicate your need for more meat via a two-toned token placed on the table next to you. green for 'bring it on, baby!' red for 'whoa, i need to stop and think this over.'

the service was excellent, the entire staff was very attentive and our specific server was amusing and charming. the meat itself was good, not exceptional. when you have that much available to you (15 cuts of beef, pork, chicken, and lamb) it all starts to taste the same. it was definitely experiential dining. i wouldn't need to do it again.

i would be willing, however, to return for the amazing salad bar. 'salad' is kind of a misnomer. it certainly doesn't do justice to the variety and complexity of dishes presented. everything from soup, pasta, and prepared salads (chicken salad, potato salad, etc.), to marinated vegetables, fresh prosciutto di parma, and a giant wheel of parmesan cheese on display for your appreciation and consumption. wow!

they also offer dessert, which for me was not a factor in the decision to go there. i only wanted something if it was authentically brazilian, which we did receive in the form of a cranberry flan. delicious.

kisu was very appreciative of the fact that they did NOT come and sing happy birthday, although they did put a dollop of whipped cream topped with a single candle on his plate.

all in all an excellent evening, especially in the company of friends.