Wednesday, May 7, 2008

baby shower

bug wasn't particularly dirty tonight. i only put her in the bath because her poop-caked dupah was too sensitive to scrub. i thought she would like to soak in some warm water for awhile to ease the redness.

silly me, i forgot that bug doesn't sit in the bath anymore, she walks back and forth repeatedly. silly me, again, i didn't think she had more poop in her. when she dropped a bomb, as she does 4 nights out of 10, from on high (since she was standing), it was easier to just switch to the showerhead instead of refilling the tub (after cleaning it).

this was the first time she'd experienced the spray. she loved it. she laughed her fiendish giggle when i aimed at her dupah and she liked me to spray the water into her mouth. it prevented her from having to do all the hard work involved in filling up the bath toys and drinking from them.


after several days of snotty-looking discharge from her eyes, i took bug to the doctor this morning. it was diagnosed as: snot. her nose is so backed up it is coming out through her tear ducts.


it's no big deal, when the cold goes away, so will the discharge, but in the meantime we have some antibiotic ointment to prevent an opportunistic bacterial infection in her eyes. she doesn't mind it, actually, and after 3 applications, her eyes look a whole lot better.