Tuesday, May 27, 2008


today was almost a wasted day at work.

when i arrived, the parking lot was only half as full as usual, and when i entered the building i realized why: no electricity.

i guess i should have figured that out when i saw the power lines down in front of the main building. of course we're supplied by the same grid they are.

we got the official word to check back at 10 to see if the power was restored or if the day was to be written off.

well, i wasn't about to drive 25 miles back home just to turn around and come back--not at $4.09 a gallon!

so i set about thinking of things to do in the area. a lot of people decided to go to breakfast, but i ate before i left home. i thought i could get my workout in early, but as it turned out, the gym had no electricity, either. my next choice was the local library. strike two, as they are on the same grid as the gym and work.

hmmm, well, i guess i'll go eat. i headed over to the east side version of our local diner to see our favorite waitress. and... strike three. although they had power, bona no longer works there. i did end up eating, thereby necessitating an even longer workout at noon.

when i returned to work, i discovered that someone had brought in yummy treats. (tack on another mile on the treadmill!)

after my very sweaty effective workout, kisu called because he couldn't find his keys. don't you know they're in my truck? he can't go to work unless i leave work. again, i'm not making a round trip, so we compromised: i depart a little early and he arrives a little late.

between the events of the morning and the afternoon, i think i worked about 4 hours today. woohoo!