Monday, May 12, 2008

running down a dream

work is hosting a 5K next week in partnership with and to support the American Heart Association.

i wasn't necessarily planning to do something like this, but since i have been training anyway, and since this is my year of personal growth, i am going to attempt it. i even signed up as a runner, although the canny thing to do would be to sign up as a walker and then run half to insure that i win my category. but i wouldn't do that....

my personal goal is to run the whole thing. i know i can walk it. 5K = 3.1 miles = not that challenging of a walk. but running? that's another story.

i have never been a runner. even when i played sports in my younger days, i would beg out of running. (that made soccer practice pretty lame.) in a matter of seconds, i would be wheezing and gasping for air. because it was so uncomfortable--and embarrassing--i never worked to make it better.

this year, though, all that has changed. i am easily running 10-15 minutes at a stretch and have even pushed myself to 20 minutes on more than one occasion.

i know, it'll take longer than that to complete a 5K. that is why today, i was determined to complete the whole distance at the gym. maybe not run it all, but at least get a feel for the mileage. turns out, i did pretty well. i actually ran for 30 minutes straight, for 2.25 miles, and then i walked .5 mile, and ran another .25 mile, then walked the last little bit. it took me just under 43 minutes total.

i was so proud of myself. i have one week to improve on my conditioning and time, but now i know i can do it. add to that the support of a newfound friend who will run with me. we can push each other to finish strong. i am always more competitive when i am with someone else.

the only concern i have is hydration (as per usual with me). running that much, my shirt should have been soaked. although my scalp was damp, and the tighter areas of my shorts were wet, i was otherwise un-sweaty. my face was actually bone dry and red as a stop sign. clearly, i need to drink more water.

within an hour of returning to work, i wasn't feeling so great. it wasn't anything i could pinpoint, but i kind of thought it might be hunger. i got myself a sandwich (second lunch!) and i felt much better. i guess when you run that much --burning 400 cals in the process-- your metabolism speeds up. i don't usually experience that kind of after effect from cardio workouts. weights, yes, cardio, no.

hopefully all this intense cardio training will also result in better weight loss, especially better shaping. i wouldn't mind losing another couple inches to show off my nicely toned muscles!