Friday, May 30, 2008


14 months! bug is developing more and more personality.

she is starting to pick up on more of those cute little kid things like blowing kisses, playing peek-a-boo, putting things away. she learned to give 5, turn off her lights (both the nightlight over the crib and the room light), and say "ta-da!" with her arms in the air.

she loves wearing her shoes. they helped her balance a lot. she also loves to lay herself down on any pillows, blankets, or towels that may be on the floor. it's so adorable.

she has finally outgrown the infant carseat. we are finally able to put her in a big girl seat, although she still has to face backwards. it's a mixed blessing. now she'll fit better, and we won't have to lug the carrier around, but it also removes our best option for confining her when we are someplace we don't want her rampaging. like a restaurant. because she will only deign to sit in a high chair and eat for 5 minutes, then she wants to go, go, go. she's so petite that the straps on a high chair will NOT contain her.

in this and other ways, she is still very much a pistol. she is quite different from the toddler pooka was, and we love her just as much.