Thursday, December 6, 2007

seek and ye shall find...maybe

so i finally have enough hits on my blog to do one of these posts wherein i list all the zany things people were searching for when they stumbled onto my little site. without further ado, the crazy list:

for success chicken
for failure beef?

ladybug legion
this is a kids' version of the guardian angels.
our house in adrian used to get absolutely infested with these things. it seemed magical the first year, until we realized that they were the japanese biting kind. microsoft
introducing new software that lets you do ultrasounds on your home computer?

SCRATCH beauty usa
i have no clue

chicken science centers
is that a field trip for your pet chickens? like taking your kids to the children's museum?

5 year old princess party
i will brashly claim to be an expert on this subject.

wet spot diaper
uh, the diapers are supposed to prevent the wet spot.

a lot of chicken scratch pattern searches
when i named this site i never knew there was a craft style with the same name. i'm sure a lot of people have been disappointed with their search results. perhaps i'll change the name, if i can come up with something else that i like.