Friday, December 7, 2007

alliterative agitation

bug's bucket brings the baby blues.
her helmet heralds heartache and howling.

yeah, she don't like it.

kisu said she didn't have a problem with it when it was first put on, and even fell asleep in it. by the time i got home from work and woke her to go to pooka's concert (more about that tomorrow, probably), she was definitely fed up with it. or maybe just grumpy because she was starving.

i removed it for the concert. she will gradually spend more time in it. the first day is supposed to be one hour on, one off, and off for sleeping. the 'on' hours double every day until she's at 23 hours.

when we came home, i put it back on, thinking we could get one more hour in before bedtime. she cried for a minute, then i successfully distracted her for about 10 minutes, and finally she lost it. she was inconsolable. after 15 more minutes, i removed it to put her to bed. perhaps she was just too tired and hungry to tolerate it anymore.

it's pretty much as horrifying as i imagined it. a hard plastic shell that makes her sweat and cry. fabulous. i know it's not that big a deal and we've coped with worse and that we'll be fine after the first two weeks, but i still cried when i first saw her.

tomorrow promises to be entertaining.