Wednesday, December 12, 2007

tardy, as per usual

back in october, the girls had their 'school' pictures taken. it's a convenient service, especially when i found out that not only do they shoot each kid individually, but if there are siblings, they shoot the sibs together, too.

that was a nice suprise, and a good enough picture that i bit the very expensive bullet to purchase prints. i fully expected to buy the group composite pictures, because mine were always fun to look back on years later. i didn't plan on buying individual shots because we had just had a family portrait done, plus we always get pooka's pix taken for her bday and will do the same for bug. moreover, we had bug's 6 month portrait taken not two weeks before the school photo shoot. so we were covered.

however, i am a sucker for my own photogenic kids (who can resist them?). so i shelled out the 18 bucks(!) for one measly 5x7 and 3 wallets.

again, nice pix, but a rip-off ultimately.