Tuesday, December 4, 2007

kid swap, again.

last week i had expected a certain event to happen to bug and it ended up happening to pooka instead. today, i expected to be late for work with a medical issue for bug, and ended up nearly missing work altogether with a medical issue for pooka. i keep getting them mixed up. (at least i'm not calling them by each other's names. much.)

pooka had a meltdown with granny last night and ended up puking (in her closet, go figure.) we thought she had just worked herself up too much, as she has been known to do. around 11 pm, she got up and puked again, and spiked a fever. because of the chemo/immune system situations, if she gets over 101, we have to take her to the hospital. we couldn't get a good reading last night, but it was between 100 and 101. i decided to wait until morning so that i could get a little sleep, figuring that she would be admitted to the hospital.

(i didn't get the sleep, by the way, since we put pooka back to bed at 12, fed bug at 2, fed bug and changed her crib sheet at 4:30, alarm at 5:45. i am TIRED.)

the planned appointment this morning was to take bug to get her helmet fitted. when pooka woke up even hotter than before, that plan was scrapped. i packed an overnight bag, dropped bug off at daycare and headed down to the clinic.

fortunately, her counts were good enough that they let us go after taking blood and urine samples for culturing. they had to pump her full of fluids before she could actually pee. a little dehydrated, i guess. normally i'm on top of that, since i have a history of e.r. visits due to dehydration.

the doc wants counts again next week, though, because her liver enzymes were significantly elevated from her regular visit 2 weeks ago.

so we salvaged the day by going to work, whereupon pooka commandeered my computer to play kiddie games online. i'm sure the i.t. monitor had fun tracking that today.