Monday, December 10, 2007

double your pageant, double your fun

pooka had two christmas pageants this weekend. the first was friday night at her school and the second was sunday in church.

we barely made it to friday's performance, since kisu and i had an argument and then had trouble finding a parking spot. we eventually parked in the neighborhood bordering the school.

pooka did a very good job singing, although she didn't bother doing the motions for the first song. she was very excited to be the leader of the shepherds and got a featured spot on the raised platform that also held mary, joseph, and the head angel.

kisu and i did not make it to sunday's performance. we missed church service completely and the pageant replaced the sermon at the end.

we were busy giving blood. the church had a blood drive sunday and since i was due last week to donate again and it was the easiest way for me to ensure that kisu actually donated, we did that. i honestly thought that we would be done in time for service, but we were running late, as per usual and i didn't count on the registration process taking so long. it's such a drag on the enthusiasm of donating.

pooka didn't seem to care that we missed her performance, though. she was all about the treats at the end of the ordeal. apparently, at our church the three wise men bring gold, frankincense, and brownies.