Monday, April 7, 2008

personal high

today is turning out to be an awesome day. there are three main reasons:

  • weight
  • running
  • fart
i'll explain these, shall I?

i recently stopped obsessing about the scale and designated mondays as weigh-in days. last week was very disappointing because the birthday party played havoc with my resolve. this morning, the scale was very friendly, despite yesterday being a 'cheat' day for me. i ate whatever i wanted (including several cookie bars and a dinner of meatballs in a full-fat sour cream sauce) and didn't exercise at all.

recently, kisu and i have been working out together on mondays after i get home from work. today he's working. i made the determination that i would work out anyway, after work AND at lunchtime (as i usually do on other weekdays). having made this decision, i further decided that i would do cardio at lunch and weights later. i wanted to test my stamina, so i did my usual random walking program for 30 minutes. then i set the level to 0, the timer for 10 minutes, and away i ran. for 12 whole minutes! straight! i couldn't believe it, i am so proud of myself. i probably could have gone another minute, maybe 90 seconds, but i don't know if i could have done much more, honestly. besides, i needed to get back to work.

okay, for the third point, i feel obliged to post a warning: do not pass this point unless you want to know TMI (too much information) about delicate, demure me. HAH!

there's a gentleman at the gym (i use the term lightly) who loves to regale everyone with his opinions, inconsiderate of whether they may be engaged in some other activity. i find him annoying and a bit foul-mouthed for someone of his apparent stature. ironically, today, from the next treadmill, over he was ranting about how the "crap on tv" with all it's negative language and f-bombs is all the fault of russell simmons (of def-jam comedy, etc.). (i don't think i would credit one man with the erosion of such a yes, he used foul language to decry the foul language that permeates our current society.

anyway, i felt a small measure of satisfaction when i ripped a silent one that actually caused him to fan the air in front of his face. i admit that, although childish, it was difficult not to laugh out loud.