Saturday, April 5, 2008

gems from a 6 year old perspective

last weekend we attended the christening of our friend mary rose. pooka was very curious about everything: the church, the ceremony, the people. she was asking a ton of questions and wanted to explore the church after the ceremony was done. i'm glad she was interested and actually paying attention, especially considering how long the ritual ran.

some of the highlights:

how do melanie and her husband kiss? i was at a loss on this one, wondering what kind of answer she was expecting, when i worked out that she was confounded by the significant height difference between the two people involved. after my face lost its blush, i laughed. later kisu reminded me that i could have just said, "the same way you kiss daddy."

i explained that aunt nancy lost her sister at a young age, and pooka couldn't understand how a kid could die (confirming our suspicions that she has NO idea of the gravity of what she's been through the last 2 years). she thought there should be an age requirement for dying: a venerable 200 years. when my mom heard this, she groaned, "i'll never make it."

the church had an enormous wall of pipes for the organ. it was impressive. we went to get a closer look and i realized that the biggest pipes could accommodate pooka's head, if not her whole body. when i verbalized that idea, pooka refused to get near them. i had a wicked vision of her getting stuck in a pipe like augustus gloop.