Thursday, April 24, 2008

leaving on a jet plane

i fly south tonight.

if i'm not ready yet i never will be. i have been busting by butt at the gym to prepare for all the activities. apparently, my efforts were not mirrored by my sister. i will be carrying her ass as well as mine.

i am very excited. my friends at work wished me safety...but i'm not scared. i am in God's hands, after all. kisu never hesitated to let me go on this trip, but i can tell he's nervous. he keeps saying, "come back to me in one piece."

pooka was not bothered until last night. she was upset again this morning. i can only imagine what the scene at the airport is gonna be like.

i have never been away from my family for more than 1 night. pooka and i went to visit gamma for a week without daddy, and daddy and i have had the occasional day and a half without the kids, but i have never been on my own: no kids, no husband. it's a little scary; not so much for me, but i'm worried about how pooka will behave for poppa and granny. she manufactures some serious separation anxiety which conveniently disappears (usually) as soon as she gets distracted by the littlest thing. other times, she can work herself up so much she actually vomits. ahh, the talents of a six year old.

to a certain extent i will relish the separation from pooka. i love her with all my heart, but i could use a break from her behavior and to regain some perspective on how amazing she really is.

i'm really gonna miss buggy, though. i don't know how she's going to handle not seeing me for 5 days. perhaps she'll start to forget me as she seemed to forget kisu when he started his wonky schedule.

but i know that my family will be in good hands, and i will in all honestly probably be too busy to miss them. then i can truly look forward to returning to the fold next week. hopefully, they will all have realized how much i do and how little appreciation they show for me and change their behavior accordingly.