Thursday, July 17, 2008

i must be richard roeper

uncharacteristically, kisu and i have been to see several movies in the last few weeks. real movies, like, in the theater and stuff.

this is due mainly to visiting kevin and marianne and taking advantage of the fact that kari is confined to the house (due to recently giving birth). late night shows mean all she has to do is make sure the house doesn't burn down while all the munchkins are sleeping in it.

of course, late night shows also mean that we may fall asleep while watching, but whatever: "we're at the movies!"

first we went to see wanted. marianne and i both nodded off here and there. for me, the biggest gap occurred in the climactic chase/gunfight scene. you know, constant action and gunfire sometimes leads to sensory overload and the brain just says, "night-night." i did wake up for the big reveal at the end of the action, though, and managed to follow the movie to its eventual conclusion.

the next weekend, we split into boys vs. girls. i really didn't have that much interest in seeing hellboy 2. marianne and i went to see wall-e, even though i nearly decided in favor of staying home and going to bed. (kisu and pooka had a date to see it the next day, so i figured if i wanted to catch it i had to now.) it was good, but not what i had expected, although i can't even say what i did expect, given that the trailers were incredibly vague. i certainly expected more dialogue, that's safe to say. i was left wondering whether pooka would really enjoy the movie and whether she would get the messages embedded in it.

as we found out the next day, she did enjoy it, although i didn't hear any further commentary from her regarding it, instead she talked about how much she enjoyed going to lunch afterwards.

so if you're not keeping score at home, that's 2 for me and 3 for kisu. i evened up the tally wednesday when i took pooka to see (finally!) kung fu panda after the clinic visit. we had a good time, despite the fact that she spent a good portion of the show crushing my lap with her never-ending fidgeting. there were a lot of cliched asian aphorisms. i suppose they were knew to the kids, but they came off a bit trite to those of us who remember the original 'wax-on/wax-off' master. overall, however, it was a very good movie. not one that will be a merchandising darling, but one i definitely see including in our home collection, if only so that we can repeatedly hear, "skadoosh." the overarching moral of the story was valuable, too. i only hope that kids actually register it.

now the big attraction is coming up: dark knight. right now kisu and i are trying to figure out who needs to be bamboozled into babysitting so that we can get to the show this weekend.....