Sunday, July 6, 2008

a butt-load of stories

this weekend was all about the derriere, the hiney, the tuchus.

bug likes to wrestle with pooka. she particular likes to throw herself up against her sister. she has developed a new move recently, though: the dupah drop. pooka was lying on the floor and bug came up to her, turned around, and sat squarely on her face. then stood up and did it again. and again. pooka was not happy, but kisu and i were laughing hysterically.

while at kevin and marianne's (to celebrate the birth of their grandchild(!)), bug got hold of a crock pot that was sitting in the corner. she discovered that if she dropped the (plastic) lid on the hardwood floor, it would make a really cool sound and spin for awhile. she also discovered that she could sit comfortably on the pot itself. we're calling this technique crock-potty-training.

as i've maybe said before, pooka usually has a pretty good grasp on what language is inappropriate for her to use, even though we've slipped up here and there and let her hear some not so nice stuff. this weekend, she slipped up. i don't know if she just learned this phrase or if she just decided to throw it out there. she and kisu were horsing around in the pool, having a pretend water war with a rival gang (the dirty philadelphias--don't ask me, i don't know where that came from) and when kisu said he was going to defect because she wasn't being nice to him, she told him frankly: "if you go to the dirty philadelphias, i'm gonna kick your ass."

wha????? where did that come from? i let kisu handle the reprimand on that one, but apparently he didn't do it strongly enough, because later that night she pulled it out again. this time momma got involved. man, i sure hope she doesn't practice her new vocabulary on the people at camp quality this week.