Tuesday, April 7, 2009

tea party for the age (of 7)

sorry for the delay on this.

pooka's birthday party was held at granny's tea room. it went surprisingly well.

i was nervous about having a gaggle of 7 year olds in a room with classy, breakable fixings, but no problems occurred. and the two boys that attended even had a good time.

they ate finger sandwiches of pbj or turkey, and treats of 2-bite chocolate cake and a spoonful of ice cream served in a molded chocolate tea cup. gee, i should've taken a picture of those...

the kids really got into the place and loved wearing hats. thank goodness granny had some top hats for the boys.

a couple girls said that they wanted their next birthday parties hosted there. even better, many of the adults bought loose tea and said they would be back for more.